A Band of Brothers from Other Mothers

RoT Session 13: The Temple of Doom

(Adventurer’s, check your mail for audio update – what follow’s is a summary of our session made with the use of dictation software…)

- Clear text buffet from using her clairvoyants while Gumbel to open Eric protect strong divination magic thinner acids clear about the magic that she’s using or produce looks did a crack in another room he sees the acquitted of and stepped inside and nothing happens clear-cut the recent deal look in another door with a seed dark tunnel going down to our room five years goes down the tunnel and title with rope slipped from some malls and activate something till sees the funds symbol switch to something else as a giant boulder rolls up from the safer and towards the party assume attacks the boulder turning some of it to dust bid to open finder and Tiberius Dick Cottam some holes of its Hector and the others pull on the rope while Iraq and clear check up the ball or Hector can whole ball group of all by himself and the ball rolls into the room and dope thinner and have used the sarcophagus is ruled in close on the wall as well as a small hoops assume a corrects the ball into pieces and freeze the three captain ball Eric slides down the rope and provided by summa followed by clear and an actor who tumbles down and assume of the gingerly walked down with these Eric says there’s something weird with the stark offered I am not the mess of them picked as there’s no he detects six demons that team ended and one fiend a whispering voice enters the heads of everyone but Hector Eric it’s an idea and clear massages his shoulders Hector get some comfortable room and feels some people thinner and assume it take to pose proposed by Erik and clear prevents them are from doing something a little bit too rash go. The message and going he came in as e-mail from down Tiberius here’s a female voice Tiberius there was a card from his deck of a nuisance down the chute nothing happens then either as a second car down its own bread tag and something streaks as a ghost applies to the room do the walled party decides to move on Tiberius uses sleight of hand to open the door he sees other own grew up on a platform with a statue of a large man on the phone Tiberius thinks it’s alive he strikes to pose suggested by Eric and goes through the door to door snapshots and the statue man looks at him Tiberius sees lots of treasure at the statue speeds assume a opens the door with ease and follows as the door also slammed shut behind and Hector enters the door slams all of a sudden eight mummies from the sarcophagi, alts where delp clear finder and Eric all our missed a gym and smiles and asked for tributes mom is a scary mummies surprise attack the party until Eric consider altering damage Eric uses awarding clear to protect bill that and clear uses party consideration on Eric clear casts compulsion on the mummies and finder hits to mom is for critical hits using his upper Trinity attacks dope it’s another woods is green flame bleed Eric its own with the spiders that and thinner attacks the money next to clear hitting its double dope tests while the force and blocks in form a means Eric cast stun ended affecting two of the mummies Tiberius shoots a mummy with his bold and assume and uses flurry of blows on another money and Hector uses device might call on the money running away on smashing it did a clear desert resorts or the money and commands the money to run rule thinner hits with an opportunity attack and bill burns clears money did with the fireball Eric it’s the last free money with a sacred flame bolt and Tiberius cases it’s almost killing it with his bowl and assume us beers mummies as an actor should sit with a crossbow 10 minutes with his second hits tumbled opens the wall and he and Eric book you prepared fireballs on the form on these killing them all the instantly Eric explores the smelly sarcophagi and as the others into the stature room and the statute demands to date on them as well as summa has to tell thinner that his father was put into the bag of devouring finder gets upset punches the wall and has a tantrum even starts crying and as I start to go clear uses, motions on him and Eric perceives the statue was a golem and tells this to the rest of the party Tiberius tries to comfort thinner and thinner says he appreciates it showing is pointed teeth Tiberius opens a new door checks for traps as the stairs lead up to a second killer Tiberius opens the door and see six doubles playing cards around the table Tiberius tells the party what he saw and decides to open another door instead he sees a room similar to the sarcophagus room while investigating clear bumps into something and it goes to the young girl comes out till talks to the ghost girl about missing books Tiberius and clear walk into the double room one of the devils demand that they join the card game finder is impatient and doesn’t want to wait around the devil asks if she’s a colt as an she says no just a traveler one asks that beers about the Rio clear offers some sapphires for some information and rite of passage the devils mention the dwarf and asked to bring him back the party is allowed to pass through the door to see a gallery with a pool of water a dead body and purple robes blood and arrows stone car Barros can be seen and Eric sees the body was killed by dragging two inscribed in the door is a message that says inside line is that various Tiberius opens the door and sees the two with four bride burning earns in the corners as Tiberius enters the door slams shut and a voice says I know what to seek one T mark Tiberius and Eric C5D1 T and Finley runs in

RoT Session 12: A Hike in the Mountains
  • The party leaves the tent-city of Boregar’s Bridge and journey’s just far enough to feel a bit comfortable before setting up camp for the night. Dumbledilp contacts Frederick to ask what’s going on in Waterdeep and if Sister Garaele is ok. Frederick answers that Waterdeep is in total chaos, politically speaking. The Council has fallen apart. However, he and Garaele have managed to negotiate with the Blue Wyrmspeaker, and he wants to betray the cult. They are headed to him now together with a few other Harper agents to get the mask from him somewhere near the Evermoors. Dilp then receives a seconds Message from Sister Garaele, who apologizes for not answering his earlier messages, and repeats what Frederick told him about the Blue Wyrmspeaker, and clearly stating that this mission to get the blue mask is must succeed, as the Order and the Harpers have something to prove to the council.
  • The next morning the party saddles up and takes the road less traveled to the Tomb of Didarius, following the map that Yyn gave to Hector. The trail is narrow, so they proceed in single file. At first, they don’t see anything spectacular – just some mountain goats, birds, and other simple wildlife. As they continue,the layer of snow on the ground gets thinner, and a they can feel a warm breeze blowing. If they listen closely, they can hear what sounds like a giant or two in the far distance. Much closer to them, however, Eric detects an arguement in draconic between 3 or 4 Lizard folk about slaves. As he eavesdrops on them, the conversation gets softer and quieter, as if they were moving away from the party. In spite of this Asuma makes an attempt to hide between some gaps in the rock that wall the party in from both sides of the trail, knocking some large rocks loose in the process. As the rocks crash below, two of the Lizard folk come to investigate. As they approach, Eric casts Fly on Asuma, who is in the front of the party. As the two Lizard men round the corner, Claire casts Crown of Madness on one of them, leading to a scuffle between the two Lizard folk. One of them then throws a spear at the hovering Asuma, who catches the spear in midair and throws it back. The lizard then runs away, as Asuma chases after. As Asuma pursues, he stumbles upon a small army of Lizard folk consisting of a dozen or so troops, apparently led by a shaman with a purple feather. Asuma attacks the running lizard man with his new sword Flametongue, knocking the lizard unconscious, as the shaman casts Spike Growth on the trail, ensnaring Asuma, as six others throw javelins at him – all missing there target as he still somehow manages to dodge all attacks. Hector, now the last in the party, tries to squeeze his way to the front, and tries to pass by the remaining lizard, as the lizard throws him on the ground. As Hector falls, he readies his warhammer, and as his body bounces from the impact of being thrown down, he swings at the legs of the lizard man, breaking his leg and causing him to fall prone in pain. Claire, now last in the procession, also squeezes her way to the forefront, nimbly gliding her rapier into the throat of the fallen lizard-man as she steps over him, killing it. Eric runs to the border of the thorns in the trail, and casts a Fireball, burning and killing all the lizard folk there (except the shaman), and setting the bridge on fire. Dilp follows, and finishes off the shaman with three rays of scorching, as the thorny vines disappear from the trail. Asuma, now freed, flies over the burning bridge after the two remaining lizard people as they flee further down the path. After he pursuing for a minute or two, he catches the two, immediately killing one with his shurikan, and forcing the other to surrender. He brings the creature back to the clearing covered by soot and ash from Eric’s fireball. Meanwhile, the rest of the party gingerly managed to cross what remained of the bridge after Dilp extinguishes the flames with Ray of Frost. As Asuma rejoins the party, prisoner in hand, the interrogation begins. Hector asks Eric to translate something, and Eric says no, this will be easier if he just does the interrogation himself. After some back and forth, the Lizard man confesses that the lizards work for the yuan-ti, and collect human prisoners for them, which they enslave. As the interrogation intensifies, Hector casts Zone of Truth (and the lizard fails his saving throw). The lizard tells the party that Soglash the beholder was in the temple, where he runs the show in these mountains. As the interrogations wound down, the party began to discuss what to do with the prisoner. Eventually Asuma knocked-out, tied him up and hung him from the underside of the bridge. Hector, finding this too inhumane, gave the creature a quick death by cutting the rope, as the unconscious lizard creature fell into the crevice below. The party leaves their horses behind, as the bridge is too severely damaged to get them across.
  • As the party walks down the trail, nothing extraordinary happens for some hours, as the air around them gets increasingly humid. Eric sees a gold pocket-watch lying in the middle of the trail. Dilp senses that the watch possesses very powerful Divination magic, and tries to purge it with Dispel Magic, to no avail. After nearly an hour of discussing and debating what to do with the watch, the party leaves it untouched and proceeds down the trail, having successfully persuaded Asuma not to throw a rock at it. Later that afternoon, the party hears the voices of giants again, this time much closer. Dilp listens to the two giants argue about a human child. The party agrees that they should engage the giants in conversation, and Dilp announces the party’s presence and asks if they may approach. Dilp introduces the party, and points out Claire and Hector to the two fire giants (husband and wife it appeared), who were debating what a human looked like. The giants said that they had a human baby, and needed to know what to feed it. Dilp gave them some rations, and after some discussion about where the child came from and what they planned to do with it, it was clear that the giants wanted to feed the child so that it would grow. It was less clear if they wanted to eat the grown child (probably), or just wanted it to be more independent. Yuan-ti and the Temple were also briefly discussed. As the giants began to show interest in snacking on Hector, Dilp tells the party it is time to move on. Asuma makes a note and sticks it in his backpack – ‘Remember to rescue child from being eaten by the fire giants in the Serpent Hills’.
  • Later that evening, the party encounters two collapsed human forms on the trail before them. As all but Dilp approach the two, they see that the two men, in armor and wounded, are slowly turning to stone. The older man, barely conscious, hands over a potion and mumbles that there is only enough for one of them, and to give it to his son. The party quickly discusses and decided essentially that the older guy had a long enough life, and it was better to save the young. As they poured the potion into the mouth of the young man, his father completely turned to stone, as Asuma pleaded ununderstandingly with Eric to cast Remove Curse. As the young man lay unconscious, Asuma and Hector struggle to get the old man’s stone body into the PP-bag of holding. The party then sets up camp of the trail, and Asuma binds the hands of the young unconscious man, just in case he has villainous intentions. Eric takes first watch, a quickly dozes off. As Dilp comes to take 2nd watch, Eric wipes the drool from his mouth and says that it was a quiet, uneventful watch. Dilp, however, sees that there are claw marks on nearby rocks and large tracks just feet from the tent. As the party awakens the next morning, the young man is quite upset. Says he and his father were attacked by a basilisk. As the party questioningly looks at each other, Claire says that basilisks are large snake-like creatures that turn you to stone if you look them in the eye. The man introduces himself as Fenrir from Ahm, and is relieved that the party had a bag of holding and were clever enough to realize that putting his father (Lunar Grayback of Ahmian) inside was the best hope his father had of being saved from the curse. After he vows to help the party, they tell him of their plan to go to the temple. He says that he knows it, and tells the party not to worry too much, as basilisks only attack at night. The party heads off toward the temple, and as Fenrir takes place next to Claire, Hector is visibly jealous. After 6 hours of walking, they approach a clearing littered with bones. As the get closer, they can still see the flesh attached to the bone and bloodstains in the dirt. Many of the bones seem human, but others are from slender tiefling-like creatures. Hector recognizes these as bone devils. Around this time something occurs to Asuma, and as he sticks his hand in the bag of holding, he realizes that everything is gone. He swallows heavily, and go to Eric to discuss this finding. As the party walks on, Fenrir asks where the party comes from, as they approach a second clearing, where a giant pyramid can be seen. There are two giant (~20 ft high) statues holding swords in a downward position, their swords’ tips at their feet. Hector and Fenrir think that this is the temple. They decide that they should get some rest before entering the temple. As they set-up camp, Eric investigates the PP-bag, and recognizes that there is something peculiar about it, and thinks that Dilp will know more about such things. He goes to Dilp, who tells him that apparently Pasha Pook had given them a Bag of Devouring, which destroys everything that you put into it. He tells Eric that they are more common than you might think.
  • After a long rest in which nothing terrible happened (Dilp did see 3 yuan-ti slither down the trail, however), the party prepares to enter the temple. Hector goes first, and decides to pass the statues without walking between them. As he passes them, they turn, and address him, ultimately asking him if he seeks Wisdom or Knowledge. He answers Knowledge, and continues. The rest of the party follows suit, and all answer Knowledge, except for Eric, who chooses Wisdom. After unsuccessfully searching for a 2nd entrance to the temple, Claire uses Clairvoyance to investigate the entryway. Asuma enters, looking for traps as he does so. As he walks through a second set of doors, he sees 6 more statues, three on each side of the room. As he walks past them, he feels them turn and follow him with their eyes, as he quickly averts his eyes. As the rest of the party follows, he tells them not to look at the statues. Dilp feels again a strong sense of Divination magic, and Eric recognizes that the statues are empowered with the magic of Didarius. Hector senses the presence of 6 demons, 6 undead, and 1 fiend nearby. The party one-by-one enters the next room, and as they are standing around investigating, a mural from the floor rises up and forms a Chimera, which immediately attacks Dilp, Asuma, Eric, and Fenrir with it’s fire breath. Dilp takes full damage and Fenrir takes double (over 1oo HP-worth), as the others avoid getting burned. Dilp attempts an overclocked version of Inflict Wounds, but misses. Asuma stuns it with a flurry of blows, as Hector attacks it from behind. He first hits it with Thunderous Smite, and knocks it forward into Dilp, Asuma, and Claire. Asuma pushes the badly injured Dilp out of the way, taking his damage. Hector further attacks with two Divine Smites, smashing the Chimera into bits, as pieces of floor tile littered the room.
RoT Session 11: On The Road Again (to the Serpent Hills)

* The heroes, discuss a few random points of interest with Sister Garaele, before matters turned more serious, as she called in Frederick to talk to the group. Frederick bursts through the door, his face red with anger, shouting "What were you thinking?! You are a disgrace!", as he throws a small hammer against the wall and spits at the feet of Eric and Asuma. Eric begins to tell him that the Thieve's Guild could be an ally, which only pissed Frederick off more. He goes on to tell Eric how he couldn't understand how he could be so foolish, and that he was doing just fine with one arm – he was a cleric, after all. As tempers further flared, Garaele discretely cast a Calm Emotions spell. This tempered the screaming, but not Frederick'd disgust. He kicked Eric out of the Order of the Gauntlet, and demoted Asuma to a Foot Soldier. Hector tried to intervene on Eric and Asuma's behalf, to no avail, as Tiberius, clearly enjoying watching Eric and Asuma getting new a**holes ripped, laughs out loud. Asuma then essentially tells Frederick that the heroes are too important to be bound by such restricting rules, and that they don't deserve to be bitched at in this manner, as Frederick says that the rules are there for a reason: 1.) Discipline, and 2.) to protect the fragile alliance between the factions.

* After the reaming out, Frederick stomps off, and Sister Garaele gives the group a pep-talk, as some in the party wondered out loud if the party could go back to the Serpent Hills, given they lost some weapons in the last weeks. She tells them that they are still quite well equipped, and more than capable to deal with the cultists. Throughout her talk Tiberius mocks her, and she responds by placing him under the command of a Hold Person spell. She then brings up the council, telling the group that Dumbledilp had suspicions that there was a rat in the council who warned the cultists when and where the heroes were headed. She asked the other heroes' opinions as well, and Hector was quite convinced that the party had been set-up somehow, while the others weren't so sure. She agrees that it is best for the moment if they avoid the council, and only discuss matters with her and Frederick for the time being. By the time the party returns from the Serpent Hills,the council will have been thoroughly investigated and purged of any rats. Finally, she discusses with Hector about his talk with Reign. Hector told her that the 'dark woman' couldn't be trusted – she was a Zhentarum! – and that he did tell Sir Ivan about her. Garaele was clearly distressed by this revelation, as she feared that this could destoy the council, which was necessary to defeat the cultists. She was not at all sure if Reign could be trusted or what her purpose was within the party, but she seemed convinced that Lord Neverember must have appointed her for a reason. Just then, there was a knock on the door, as the voice on the other side asked her and the heroes to come immediately to an emergency council meeting. Not wanting to jepardize the party any further, she, Dilp, and Claire arrange some Dimension Doors to transport the party outside the wall, where they find a mustached man named Mustafa, who was messaged by Garaele to give them some horses immediately.

* The party rode off south again, reaching Daggerford after several days. During their travels, Eric tries in vain to craft a new holy symbol, and Tiberius gets acquainted with his Oathbow. He realizes that there is a sort of combination lock on it, and figures out how to open it. Inside he finds a fine, delicate parchment, which he carefully unrolled, revealing a picture of a very attractive red-headed girl, along with a dwarvish poem, which spoke of the history of the bow. The bow, named Taw’Marrill, was created by a Dwarf 1800 years ago. He created it in memory of his daughter, the beautiful redhead girl in the photo. In the poem, he spoke of adopting her, raising her as a dwarvish child of his own and teaching her to fight, craft and know stone. She had apparently become a legend of the region, but fell in love with a Knighted Prince and gave up adventuring. He eventually betrayed her, and she was killed in an uprising in his kingdom because of his wagering her life on a debt.

* In Daggerford, Claire tells Wes and his colleagues about everything that had happened to the party with the dragons, but her story was so embellished and filled with fantastical nonsense that everyone knew that she was completely full of shit. Wes was a bit upset by Claire's stunt, as he and the others left the party to go to bed. The party then continued further, soon enough reaching the location of their run-in with the five dragons. As they dismounted, Eric grabbed a stick off the ground, and started waving it around, like a dowser looking for water. Asuma investigated the charred remains of Janet, and asks Hector if he may have his potion of growth. Hector, being the good man that he is, of course agrees, and Asuma poured the potion into a little pocket he had carved out in Janet's singed trunk. Almost immediately, a little seedling popped up, and Asuma removes it and puts it in a waterskin. Tiberius, using his newly gained skill of talking to plants, tried to talk to the seedling, but it only spoke baby Treant. He did realize that it wanted water, so Dilp melted some snow with a Fire Bolt for the treeling. While this is going on, Eric drops his stick, and wanders off into the scorched, snow-covered forest in search of some fireflies. Asuma then asked Hector to lay his holy paladin hands on the seedling, which he does, clearly energizing the plant. After about an hour however, the treeling reduces dramatically in size. Asuma packs it up to take along, as Eric rejoins the rest of the party. Later that day, Eric and Dilp notice a large dragon's corpse several miles away in the High Moor, jabbed by numerous spears and surrounded by numerous dead frog-like creatures. Some in the party were intrigued enough to want to investigate further, but after some discussion the party decided that unwise and carried on.

* As they continue (two days out of Dragonspear), Dilp using Sending to communicate with Garaele, telling her where the party is and if Dragonspear is a safe city. She does not respond… Days later, the party reaches Dragonspear, and they are received as heroes. Asuma playfully chases some kids around, and Hector gives 100s of copper coins away to children. A bard sings for them, and Claire, his idol, compliments him, which was possibly the happiest moment of the guy's life. A restaurateur approaches, asking for help (naming his restaurant). After many interesting suggestions, they settled on the name 'Blagothkis' Brasserie'. The party decides to dine there, and Asuma speed-paints a  surprisingly good mural of the party on the wall, and several members of the party invest gold in his restaurant. As the party is spending the night in the town, Dilp, worried about Garaele, goes back to the inn early and tries again to message her. Again, he gets no response. The next morning, the party leaves Dragonspear and continues on their journey.

* After several more days on the road, the party finally approached the southern edge of the Serpent Hills. There, in the middle of nowhere, they found a tent city surrounding a central tower, which had a sign reading 'Bolow's Tent Side Inn'. They see many tents in this settlement, and that it is inhabited by many different races. It strikes the party that everyone here appears injured in some way. A man with an eye patch, a thick beard, and his hair pulled back into a greasy ponytail walked up to the party, saying "I think I recognize you from somewhere. Can I help you?" After Hector tells him that the party is just out hiking, and some clumsy small talk (what is everyone doing here?, how much lizard-people suck, etc.), the man suggests that the party go to the inn. Hector and Claire enter the inn first, while Asuma follows directly behind, jabbing a stick between Hector's legs. The other party members follow as well. Hector is immediately greeted loudly by a man at a table that recognizes the bit of Hector's Cormyr symbol that is visible. He insists Hector come have a drink with him, and he and Claire join the man, as he asks the bartender for the most expensive bottle he has. Meanwhile, Asuma goes directly to the bar and orders 3 Gulden Draak beers, as the others sit. Hector's new friend introduces himself as Yyn, and says he is also from Cormyr. As the bartender arrives with the bottle, Yyn introduces him as Bolow. Then Yyn and Hector talk lovingly about Cormyr for some time, as Claire gets bored with being ignored. As Asuma's drinks arrive (which apparently were all for himself), he and Bolow start talking. He talked about how much he hates lizard people and yuan-ti, and how they should be eradicated. He then mentioned a dwarf in a purple robe that stabbed a couple of yuan-ti in the face, and how badass that was. Thought his name was Va- something. Dilp asked if it was Varck, recognizing the name of the white wyrmspeaker. When he confirmed this, Dilp said that they were actually friends of Varck, and that they were hoping to find him. The man said that that he thought he was on his way to the Temple of the Lizard, also known as the Tomb of D-something – he couldn't remember. Eric touched Bolow on the shoulder, and magically he remembered- Tomb of Dedarius. One day north of this tent camp. Dilp then messaged Hector, and told him to ask Yyn about the tomb. Yyn tells Hector all about it, even giving him a map, and asks Hector if he will be going to the Temple of Truth. Hector says of course he is. Asuma then decides it's time for a drinking contest, and asks if anyone is interested. The drunken Yyn agrees, and passes out already after the 2nd round of beers. Hector, paladin of Cormyr, carries Yyn to his room upstairs.

  • As Hector disappears up the stairs, Eric thought he saw a guy with a blue tail walk out of the inn. As he moves to follow, he motions to Tiberius to come as well. Tiberius stealthily follows, with Eric a bit further back, as the figure walks to ward the mountain. Eric tries to cast a Command spell on the creature, but fails. The creature turns and hisses at the cleric, his serpent’s head and tongue clearly visible, as he draw’s his bow and shoots an arrow at Eric. Eric sees this, and is able to cause the serpent to miss with a well-timed Warding Flare. Tiberius shoots the creature back with his Oathbow, hitting the snake-man hard, as Tiberius trips and falls on a tent. The voice of a child is heard in the camp: “Help me, a tiefling and a dragon elf are trying to kill me.” Eric approaches the area where the serpent was last seen, but sees nothing in the darkness. This doesn’t stop him, however, from shooting off some Scorching Rays into the darkness anyway. He then cast Shield of Faith on Tiberius. At this point, about a dozen men approach the pursuing duo. In the inn, someone burst in announcing that a tiefling and a dragon-elf were attacking a little girl. People freak out and go outside to see what’s happening. Asuma, Dilp, and Claire also run outside to look for Eric and Tiberius. As the mob approached, Eric cast Disguise Self, making him look like a one-armed chubby girl. The group approached, and asked ‘her’ if she was OK. She says she was fine,and as the other party members approached, the girl says she was attacked by a halfling. Many run off in the direction that the girl pointed, although several men turn their attention now to Asuma, who all-of-a-sudden looks a bit nervous as they approach him. One guy stays to assist the girl, reaching out to her stubby arm. As he did so, his hand bumped against Eric’s middle, although it was invisible. This freaks the guy out terribly, and he yell’s that Eric is a lizard, and attempts to stab him. Eric does another Warding Flare causing him to miss, as Asuma yells that he is a hero of Waterdeep, and that Eric belongs to the group. As she nears, Claire casts Calm Emotions, temporarily keeping people from ripping off Eric’s remaining arm. Dilp and Bolow also join. Tiberius walks further to a tree hit by Eric’s Scorching Ray, and sees blood and a dropped longbow. He sees some tracks,and follows them to a crack, which he realizes only a snake could have passed through. After about a minute goes by, angry guys gather around Eric and Asuma. At this point, Eric ends the Disguise Self spell, and looks like his scaly sun elf-self again. This (either the show of magic or the serpent-esque qualities of the cleric) triggers the party to draw their weapons once more. Eric asks Bolo to tell the mob that they’re not criminals. Bolow confirms that they were in the inn earlier, but that he saw two of them leave the inn just before the screaming occurred. This pushes the mob over the top, and the party is forced to immediately leave the tent-city, lucky to get out without a bloody confrontation as Eric, Asuma, and Tiberius all threatened members of the mob as the party was removed.
RoT Session 10: Subterfuge

* The evening following the 2nd council meeting, the adventurers go off individually. Hector meets with Sir Ivan, Dilp meets with Sister Garaele, Tiberius meets with the refugees from Phandelver, and Eric and Asuma make a visit to the thieve's guild. No one in the party shares with the others what transpired in these meetings… * The party shops, buying many magical items, including the Helm of the Wayward Wizard (for Eric), the Helm of the Wayward Warrior (for Claire), the shortsword Flametongue (primarily for Asuma), Oathbow for Tiberius, who contributed 8000 gp from his own purse, as well as armor, rations, and diamond dust. * After deciding to go south towards the Serpent Hills, where the White Wyrmspeaker is believed to be found, the party learns his name: Varck. He is looking for his mask there, and he believes that the yuan-ti have it. * The party leaves Waterdeep, heading south along the trailthat they are beginning to know quite well. This time, however, the winter weather is quite brutal, and most of the party suffer from its chill. They make it nonetheless relatively easily to Daggerford around noon of the 2nd day, where they meet Wes, who is tasked with helping clean up the razed city. The party talks to him briefly before continuing on their journey. BY nightfall, they reach the Misty Forest, and decide to set up camp along its edge, with the Trollbark Forest in the far distance. Before setting up camp, Dilp sends a Sending spell to Murtagh, asking him if he can help the party find the cave again, in order to retrieve Tiberius' lost items. He answers Dilp, telling him that they have retreated far from the forest and that he cannot help. * Claire sets up her tent, and the party turns in for the night, with Dilp staying up to take watch. About 3 hours into his watch his sees two red dragons circling overhead, setting fires within the Misty Forest. He watches intently for a few minutes, hoping that the beasts will fly away into the night. However, he soon enough realizes that that is wishful thinking, and wakes the party. * Eric is able to see that there are more like five dragons, and the party feels the urgency of the situation. Tiberius is overcome by a sense of sadness, seeing the forest burn. Meanwhile, Eric and Asuma hatch an intricate plot to mislead the dragons. The party sees Janet, the treant, as she runs out of the forest toward them. As she approaches, Dilp extinguishes a flame on her branches with Ray of Frost, as Tiberius runs up to a tree – hugging it, he realizes he can speak with the tree, and converses with it about what is occurring, before hurrying back to the tent. In the meantime, Eric casts Light on a stone, and then they wrap it up in cloth. Asuma then dashes out of the tent at an incredible speed, 100s of feet further, where he lays down the rock and triggers a mechanism to gradually uncover it, before sprinting back nearer the party. As he does so, Dilp hears that voice in his head again, as it speaks "You're here. Excellent…" Dilp and Claire then agree on a possible escape plan. * As Asuma gets nearer to the tent, one of the dragons approaches Joy, and begins to crush her and tear her apart with its claws. Eric steps out of the tent and casts a Santuary in an attempt to save Janet. The dragon sees him, and Tiberius shoots it with his crossbow. Again, the voice fills Dilp's mind: "You die tonight, unless you give me the mask", before Hector buries the mask under the tent to hide it. Eric casts Beacon of Hope on the party, while Claire summons a Lightning elemental. At this time, the dragon leaves the mulched Janet, turning his attention to Eric. In one fluid, vicious motion, the dragon bites into Eric and swallows him. Asuma sends a message back to the Order, and then starts running in the direction of Daggerford, as Tiberius unleashes him new Oathbow on the dragon. Dilp then shoots a Fireball at the red dragon, and learns that his adept fire spells are no match for it. Claire then commands her elemental to attack the dragon, killing it with a vicious lightning strike down its throat. * The party was no safer, however. The largest dragon, mounted by a rider looking just like Iarno, except that he is missing a scar, as well as three other dragons land, surrounding the tent. The rider casts Disperse Magic on the tent, exposing the now extremely vulnerable party, as his dragon unleashes breath of fire on them – the entire party, except for Tiberius the Tiefling, suffers burns, with Dilp taking the most damage and losing consciousness. The rider adresses the party, again demanding the mask. Tiberius digs it up and presents it, while attempting to stealthily pour a healing potion into the mouth of Dumbledilp. One of the dragons notices, however, and mutters something in draconic. As anger overcomes the rider, he attacked Tiberius, striking him unconscious. The next moment, Claire cast Dimension door, and disappears with Hector, as Dilp, pretending to still be unconscious, also casta the spell, dragging the unconscious Tiberius with him, as the four teleported 500 ft back up the path. They waited a moment to see if the dragons could find them, and seeing a dragon come towards them, Dimension Doored one more time into a clearing in the forest. Luckily for them, this time the dragons could not find them. * Asuma, being as quick as he is, reached Daggerford in relatively short time, and asked Wes for help. Wes told Asuma that the crew in Daggerford wasn't numerous enough or equipped enough to be of any help. Asuma then headed back towards the Misty Forest in the hoe of finding some of his companions, or at least to be able to retrieve their bodies. The party, which was also at this point headed back north to Daggerford, somehow intercepted Asuma. At this point, Asuma tells them that they must hurry back to Waterdeep, because there is a blood sample from Eric there that could be used to reincarnate Eric. After a wtf moment fromthe party, he explains how he and the cleric had gone to the Thieve's Guild to make a deal with them, loaning 15000 gp, and that he and Eric had to give some blood as collateral. At this point, Dilp, Hector, and Claire are extremely displeased with this news, yet agree to return to Waterdeep. * After some days of travel, they return to Waterdeep. Again, they all run off and do their own thing: – Tiberius disappears completely – Dilp and Claire go to Garaele, to tell her of their run-in with the dragons at the Misty Forest, and of Eric and Asuma's deal with the Thieve's Guild. – Asuma goes directly to the Thieve's Guild. He approaches the guards, who demand that he leave his weapons and the bag of holding with them, before they will let him approach Pasha Pook. He refuses, and says he leave and return without the items. After some heated discussion, Pasha enters, and asks what all the discussion is about. The guards tell him that Asuma doesn't want to give up his items, and Asuma says that he will return in 10 minutes. Pasha says he is a busy man, and will wait for no one, and demanded to know why Asuma was back so soon, and if he had payment already. Asuma tells him that Eric has been killed, and that it is in his best interest that he gives Asuma some of Eric's blood to reincarnate him. Pasha disagrees, and says that Eric's death is not his problem. He then demands to see the bag of holding. Thinking that Tiberius still had the black dragon mask, he reluctantly agrees when asked to empty the bag. Pasha however detects magic emanating from a water pouch, and pulls the mask from it. Asuma, surprised by this, somehow convinces Pasha to not keep the mask,and to give him some of Eric's blood. Pasha does keep the bag and everything that was in it, however, giving him a PP-labelled bag in its place, along with the promise to hunt and kill them if Aaron is not killed soon. He then hurries off to Sister Garaele with the blood, which she uses to bring Eric back again,this time as a high elf. Asuma then runs to the naked elf and hugs him (his face much too close to Eric's elvish bits). – Sister Garaele tells Asuma and Eric that she had learned of their dealings with the guild, and could no longer in good conscience offer them free spells of reincarnation. She said that to do so would be indirectly supporting the aims of the Pasha Pook, and would incentivize further exploitation of the party by other unsavoury groups moving against the Council's interests. She tells them that she will have to inform Frederick of their actions, to facilitate damage control preventing a shattering of what is already a fragile alliance between parties. – Hector goes to talk to Reign, telling her that she looks like somebody that has dealing with the underground. She slaps him for that, and says that while she is a member of the Zhentarum, she has no business with them or the party's mess. She then gives Hector a spanking as she walks away, ending the conversation. Hector winks at her, and then goes straight to Sir Ivan to tell him that she is Zhentarum. Sir Ivan freaks out at this news…

RoT Session 9: Reincarnation of Tiberius
Diving with Hydras, Dancing with Banshees
  • After the slaying of the dragon, and of course the death of Tiberius, the party first takes some time to explore the rest of the cave, in search of the green dragonmask, the kidnapped children, and treasure. The party first checks a chamber on one side of the cave, seeing treasure and what appears to be the bed of the dragon. Before investigating further, the party decides to check what lies down the opposite side of the cave. They investigate, and see more treasure as well as a second dragon’s bed, aligned in more-or-less mirror symmetry to the previous chamber. This time Hector and Dilp move in to investigate, as Claire holds back. Dilp uses his mage hand to move through the treasure, searching for traps. When nothing unexpected happened, Hector moved in the explore the treasure, finding some gold coins and countless copper coins, with other items interspersed throughout the pile of treasure. As he nicks himself on an arrowtip, Dilp and Claire also join him searching through the treasure. While they did not find the green dragonmask, they did find several magical scrolls, some magic goggles, arrows, and gems. Encouraged by their luck, they quickly move back to the previous chamber, to investigate that room’s treasure as well. As they, now joined by Asuma, enter the chamber and approach the treasure, however, they fall into 20 ft into a pit. The treasure was an illusion and a trap. Waiting for them in the pit lie three trolls, who quickly gang up on Hector, who had fallen prone. Their violent attack on Hector left him bloodied and unconscious. Claire quickly casts Slow on the trolls, as they begin a second round of attacks, two attacking Dilp, albeit with much less vigor and force thanks to the effects of the Slow spell, and one attacks the unconscious body of Hector, but somehow misses. The still prone Dilp casts an empowered Fireball on the trolls, killing them all. Asuma then investigates and plays with the troll corpses. He gives a short puppet show, trying to alleviate the darkened mood. When holding up one trolls hand to wave to the others, however, the other troll corpses start acting in the same way. He then realizes that they are all somehow connected with each other through magical means.
  • The party stabilizes Hector and ascend from the pit with Asuma’s help, disappointed that they didn’t find more treasure, but thankful to be relatively unscathed by their carelessness. As they return to the main, central chamber in the cave, the crying voice of a wood elf child is heard from outside the cave. Hector and Asuma exit the cave to investigate, as Dilp follows from a distance. Claire decides to stay back, and moves toward the shoreline of the pond. As Hector and Asuma receive the lost child, beckoning her into the cave, the hydra in the pond reaches out and grabs Claire by the leg, pulling her into the pond. Dilp sees this out of the corner of his eye, and runs back toward the pond, casting Polymorph on Claire and changing her into a Giant Shark as she is pulled under the water’s surface. Asuma, seeing Dilp run towards Claire, also comes to her aid, putting on his black dragonmask and diving into the water, and releases the mask’s acid in the vicinity of the hydra. Hector joins, and blesses Claire in true paladin fashion, as the hydra attacks the Clark (the Claire-shark), biting with its numerous heads at her. Clark bites back at the hydra, snappingher powerful jaws around one of its heads. She then thrashes hard with her tail, knocking large amounts of water up onto the slippery slope of mud on the pond’s bank, nearly knocking the heavy armor-laden Hector into the drink, however, Asuma just barely manage to grab Hector by the hair and preventing him from falling in. Dilp shoots a fire bolt at the hydra from the bank, as Eric casts Shield of Faith on himself. The little girl, then asks, “Have you seen my husband? HAVE YOU SEEN MY HUSBAND?”, then letting out a Banshee’s wail. Dilp succumbs to the wail, and drops unconscious, as the others take psychic damage from her cry. Eric casts a healing spell on the party, bringing DIlp back to consciousness in the process. Asuma attacks the Banshee with a flurry of blows, while Hector ungracefully stands up on the slippery muddy bank, being pulled up by Asuma at his hair, and makes a leaping attempt to hit the Banshee with his warhammer, but misses, falling at her feet. Meanwhile the hydra’s heads bite into the muscular, fishy flesh of Clark, as she bites back. Dilp hits the Banshee with three Scorching Rays, as Eric casts a spell that causes the Banshee to dash away from him in fear, as Hector rights himself again. The hydra continues to attack Clark, this time killing the shark, as Claire takes the remaining bite damage. She casts Greater Invisibility on herself, swims to the shore, and quickly exits the water. Dilp shoots another round of Scorching Rays at the fleeing Banshee, only hitting with one ray. It is enough, however, as the Banshee is killed. Eric asks the Hydra to let us go in peace. The hydra doesn’t respond. Eric then does a round of healing, almost falling into the water in the process, as Asuma dives in… He dives into the blackened water of the pool and sees the hydra in front of him. Scanning for weak points he sees that one of the heads is heavily wounded by shark bite marks and barely connected to the neck. He starts whirling around in the water with his fists forward like a halfling torpedo and hits the Hydra right on the wounded neck. The moment Asuma’s fists impact a eerie blue flash appears, and for an instant the head of a spectral ram appears. The ram’s head bashes on the neck and with a big explosion of force the Hydra’s head pops off and the lifeless body of the beast sinks down to the depths.
  • The party, now suffering from exhaustion, leave the cave and search for a place to set-up their tent. Asuma explores for a nice spot, but sensing the forest is now at eace, they settle for a spot just off the path in the woods. Before settlingin, Eric casts Glyph of Warding, to protect the camp. Dilp stays up for the 1st watch, and not seeing anything threatening, goes into a trance at the end of his shift, as the others continue to sleep. Upon awaking the next morning, the party sees three giant Treants standing over their camp. Eric quickly ends the Glyph or Warding spell, and the party exits to tent to speak with them. The treants tell the party that the forest has been discussing about them, and is thankful that they helped save the forest, and are curious about the one who had communicated with the forest. They say they can help the party by taking them to their horses at the edge of the forest,to which the party agrees. One of the treants stoops down to pick up Asuma, placing him in it’s ‘mouth’, which from Asuma’s perspective, is more like a balcony. The other trees similarly gather up the rest of the party, and then walk off, as they gracefully and quickly pass through the forest without leaving a trace. The party questions them during the journey, and are told that the kidnapped children were probably taken to a place of fire, pointing to a location on the map.
  • As the party arrives at their horses, Dilp sends a message to Sister Garaele, updating her on what has happened, telling about the death of Tiberius and the need for a Reincarnation spell, asking for advice. She asks that the party quickly returns to Waterdeep, which is in trouble. She will arrange for a Reincarnation spell there.
  • After several days of travel,the party arrives at Waterdeep, which seems to be somewhat under seige and on heightened alert for some reason. As they approach the guard tower, one of the more senior guards recognizes the heroes, and immediately escorts them to Sister Garaele. Dilp recognizes her, but just barely. Gone are her elegant elvish robes – she is now donning Mythral armor, and is somewhat marked by battle. She is already prepared to do the Reincarnation spell, and has the party put his body on the table. Claire puts his foot onthe table, as Asuma first lays his balls on the table, followed by the rest of his body. She questions out loud why the party has cut off pieces of his body. She asks the party to hold hands in a circle, as she performs the ceremony. During the ceremony, Dilp hears a voice far off in his consciousness, somewhat familiar to him, and as he focuses his attention on the voice, he hears it as it says: “You have done many things to placate my progress, some good, some bad, but I’m getting tired… I have been watching. Rest assured the world will burn. I look forward to seeing you crushed under Tiamat’s feet”. As Tiberius is reincarnated into a purple tiefling, with black eyes and horns curling back from his skull, and a stubby tail (that Claire can’t help but to stare at), Dilp tells Garaele about the voice he heard. She tells him yes, Severin will have taken notice of you by this point. She tells the party that the council was not sure that they would be successful, nor if they were confident in the party’s return, but that many events had unfolded in Waterdeep during the three weeks they had been gone (they hadn’t been gone for so long, Dilp contemplates?) She tells them that Raven Stillsparrow has fled, and that she was an agent that had infiltrated somehow the higher echelons of the Harpers. Halia has been killed while fighting Raven, and Lera Silverhand has replaced Lord Neverember as the head of the council. Lera has introduced a Tiefling from the Zhentarum into the council as well.
  • Garaele tells the party that Phandalin has been destroyed, and that only Ms. Alderleaf (who had previously commissioned the party to find Minsc) and her son Carp, Barthen, and Darran Edermath had survived. The survivors spoke of undead who overran the mines and the town, driving the Phandalin residents away. Tiberius volunteered to interview the survivors.
  • The party, together with Garaele, hurry off for another emergency council meeting. There they are congratulated by Neverember and Greenleaf on their accomplishments in the Misty Forest, as they debrief the council on the events which transpired there. The council tells of the events that have occurred in Waterdeep, and of Raven Stillsparrow’s betrayal, and how she killed Halia, who came to the aid of Sister Garaele in the process. The tiefling said that it was stupid for Halia to have died defending the life of Garaele, just as it was uqually stupid for the party to have killed the wyrmspeaker instead of capturing and interrogating him. When asked what the party was going to do next, Asuma said that they were going after the white wyrmspeaker, and to find his mask. The council agreed that that was a wise move. After the council meeting, Tiberius goes to speak with the Tiefling, while Frederick congratulates Asuma, Hector, and Eric. Dilp went to discuss things further with Sister Garaele…
RoT Session 8: Chasing the dragon
"Tiberius is dead? You're kidding!" - Eric

*As the heroes and the villagers of Altand recover from the battle, plans start to take form. The villagers will pick up the rest of their townsfolk in the Alcave, and then head to the Sword Mountains to start a new settlement. The heroes will go find the dragon and attempt to rescue the children taken by the green wyrmspeaker. Victanda Thunderkhunt, at the invitation of Asuma, will join the party. After a full-night’s sleep, everyone will hit the trail.
*Clairk decides to set up tent outside, where the party won’t be so easy to find. Before Eric can go to sleep, Dumbledilp encourages him to finally lift the genderbending curse from Clairk. He agrees, and says he’ll remove Clairk’s curse in the morning. Dilp takes first watch, which is full of tension. He sees a lone kobold walking around, back and forth about 80-100 ft away. This makes him quite nervous, so he steps out of the tent and deep-fries it with an overkill Fireball. The surrounding forest catches on fire, but Dilp manages to quickly shoot a few well-placed Rays of Frost, extinguishing it before it got out of control. A bit embarrassed by his overreaction, he decides not to mention it to Tiberius when he takes over the watch.
*The next morning, Eric makes Clairk a woman. She is satisfied, and thankful for Eric’s skills. As she changes into her lady-clothes, a high-pitched sound can be heard quickly flying over the village, which the Cleric-Sorceror recognizes as the sound of Dragon’s Wings. The party prepares to leave for their journey, as Claire gives an inspirational pep-talk, and Eric does some Augury to determine if the Dragon is working alone (fortunately, he appears to be). Eric then turns a few Dragon Fang corpses into zombies, which they pack into the Bag of Holding. Hector lectures the cleric on the evils of raising zombies, and Eric feels bad. As the party walks through the forest, the animals, and even the trees and vegetation, seem to honor the heroes, somehow regarding them with respect. After 6 or so hours of easy trekking, the party feels that their path is becoming heavier, as the mist begins to encompass them again. They huddle closely together, forming a chain by putting a hand on the shoulder of the one before them (Thunderkhunt first cups a buttock of Tiberius, but Claire convinces her that such behavior is inappropriate). As the group stealthily advances with caution, they approach the large, rising cliff face that lies ahead, and see a cave entrance about 10 ft wide. Tiberius contemplates climbing the rock face to look for a second entrance, but the thick mist and the party dissuade him. Asuma decides to investigate just inside the cave entrance, seeing a large room inside the cave, which slopes down into some water towards the back, and with a cliff about 60 ft high beyond the water, where another door/opening can be seen. As Asuma is exploring, Tiberius hears a bloodcurdling scream from a young female crying out, which gives him psychic damage and causes him to run. Hector then decides to tell the party the tale he had heard earlier about the banshee. Claire and Asuma then enter the cave to get away from the banshee, even though Hector and Eric try to block their entrance. Dilp also enters the cave after the others. Eric, who is standing just outside the cave, feels a pebble drop on his shoulder. Looking up, he sees the dragon bearing down on him, as the dragon breathes out a cone of poison, hitting most of the party huddled together just inside the cave. Eric retaliates by casting blindness on the dragon, blinding it. The dragon then flaps its wings violently, frightening the party as well., and then attacks Hector, who is still standing outside, falling prone in the process. Tiberius attempts to cast Faerie Fire on the green dragon, but fails, and then hides behind a stalagmite. Asuma lets the zombies out, then tries to stun the dragon, but also fails. Dilp warms up by shooting the dragon with a Fire Bolt, while Hector works the dragon’s tail, first using Divine Favor, then war-hammering its cloacal region, and finishing with two bouts of Divine Smite. Thunderkhunt, out of range, attempts to get closer to the dragon, while Eric attempts to cast Phantasmal Force on the dragon, but fails as well. The dragon then rights itself, and attacks Thunderkhunt and Hector, hitting hard, and leaving Thunderkhunt unconscious, although it manages to fall prone again in the process. Asuma drags Hector away, who had been knocked down, as Dilp casts Blink for some added security. Hector recovers himself and Divine Smites the dragon, hitting the tail again in that same injured spot, causing blood and goo to shoot out of it as it ruptures. From the cliff on the far side of the cave, three kobolds appear and shoot arrows at the party, but all miss. Eric stabilizes Thunderkhunt, and heals some of the party’s wounds. The dragon then stomps on Thunderkhunt, and then picks her up in his teeth and tosses her away, a bit deeper into the cave, before attacking Hector as well. Finally, it makes a wing attack, knocking Claire prone, Hector unconscious, and causing another round of damage to Thunderkhunt, already beaten unconscious, killing her. Tiberius shoots the dragon with his crossbow, as Claire does a Shatter spell, breaking its wing. Asuma hits it with a shurikan, does some monkly acrobatics, and then gives the dragon a beat-down, killing it. The dragon falls on top of Eric with its considerable weight, crushing him into unconsciousness, as Dilp shoots Scorching Rays at the three kobolds, frying all of them.
*After the party stabilizes and heals up the wounded, and after Dilp collects a finger from the body of Thunderkhunt, Asuma explores the water, but as he sees a creature with twelve tentacles move toward him, he quickly jumps out of the water. Tiberius then rigs his crossbow, shooting a bolt across to the cliff on the other side to create a rope bridge. In full rogue haste, he hurries off across the water, and begins to explore the treasure room that lays behind the door. He sees very nice furniture, several gold bars, as well as some coin, and a treasure chest in the middle of the room. He attempts to carefully open it, but fails to realize that the chest is rigged with poison, as several needles jab into his hands, causing them to immediately go numb. As he pulls his hands back, he sees seven giant spiders descending from the ceiling, which in no time surround him. He is able to yell out to the party, which run to his aid. Asuma, Claire, and even the wizard nimbly run across the rope bridge over the water to aid Tiberius. Just as they cross, however, they see the seven spiders gang bang Tiberius, doing a tremendous amount of damage to their rouge companion, killing him in just seconds. Dilp immediately shoots a Fireball into the center of the giant spider cluster, protecting the body of his friend from the flames, but crispifying 6 of the 7 spiders. Claire does Dissonant Whispers on the remaining spider, hurting it, as Asuma finishes it off with a shurikan. Claire yells to the others that Tiberius is dead, to which Eric responds, “You’re kidding!”, as Claire and Asuma bust out their knives, and immediately start carving up Tiberius. Asuma harvests some drow testes, while Claire hacks off a foot. The three then bring Tiberius’ corpse across the rope bridge. Eric asks where his foot is. The party then debates what to do – do they quickly return to Waterdeep, to try to have Tiberius revived? Do they look for the children? Do they focus on finding the dragon mask? As they argue, a young crying female dressed in white enters the cave. Hector quickly attacks her, cutting off her head. As she bleeds, Hector (and the rest of the party) believe that Hector just killed a woman desperate for help. After some investigation, they notice that her body is cold, however. They hear more crying in the distance… Asuma yells out, and the crying stops for a moment. Another young womanly figure dressed in white enters, and addresses Hector – “Are you the one whom I seek?”, she asks. Hector asks her in return, “Who do you seek?”, as if she might be looking for a hair-care expert for some beauty advice. "She responds, “You are not who I seek”, as Hector condemns her with the words “You are a banshee.” Hector attacks her, followed by Asuma, who throws a couple of shurikans at her, as Dilp finishes her off with a Fireball. Hector immediately exits the cave, and sees several scattered bodies of female elves, their faces contorted in horror, frozen by sudden death.

RoT Session 7: The Battle of the Misty Forest, Pt. 2
  • The battle continued at a vigorous pace, with dozens and dozens of creatures locked in combat throughout the village of Altand. Tiberius shoots the dragon with his crossbow, and Clairk gets his magic on with some Thunderwave & Aura of Vitality. The dragon addresses the allies, saying that he wants to eat the meat off of their bones. The party then goes after some guard drakes, with Sila casting Ensnaring Strike on one, Sonja comes to the aid of Clairk, attacking a drake that has engaged him, as Asuma and Thunderkhunt also engage and beat on some drakes. Quarion attempts to hit a Dragon Fang with a Fire Bolt, but misses, as the many kobolds advance on the allies in the eastern quadrant of Altand. Dumbledilp uses Shatter to target two of the guard drakes that had gathered around Clairk and Sonja, as Hector runs toward two Dragon Fangs, attacking one of them with his Warhammer. Eric joins the attack on the Dragon Fang, attacking with Sacred Flame, as Murtagh engages a nearby drake. The Dragon Fangs engage Hector, completely wrecking him with a coordinated attack, leaving him unconscious and just barely clinging to life. Tiberius crossbows a third Dragon Fang located along the Northern border of the city, as the Dragon Fang calmly puts his weapon away, while Clairk Shatters a drake. Some commoners in a tree throw some rocks at a drake. As the drake engages them and starts to climb the tree, several of them panic and fall to their deaths trying to move to another tree. The dragon then ascends and hovers over the log house, as the drake eats the remaining commoners in the tree. Sonja attacks the lone Dragon Fang and kills a guard drake, while Thunderkhunt continues to destroy drakes as she moves North toward the other allies. Dilp then hits the seemingly disengaged Dragon Fang with a Fire Bolt, killing it. Eric the Cleric attempts to cast Command on one of the Dragon Fangs that railed Hector, failing, then casting a Healing spell on some nearby allies, as Asuma runs to Hector’s aid. Murtagh shoots a few arrows at some annoying kobolds, as one of the Dragon Fang duo drops his weapons and produces a green globe of energy. He then promptly grabs Asuma in a suicidal embrace, as he triggers his suicide bomb of poison. Clairk then uses Dissonant Whispers on the remaining Dragon Fang, intimidating it and causing it to run away with her whisper of “Leave Hector alone, you meanie”. As he flees, Asuma hits him with an opportunity attack. As he does so, the voice of the dragon booms “You have defeated me and my rider. I will return and tear the jugular from your throats”, as the dragon flies away in a Northerly direction. Meanwhile Asuma fights further with the Dragon Fang, expertly kicking him in the head, killing the last remaining agent of poison. With only kobolds remaining, the allies begin to clean house. Dilp Shatters a group of four kobolds as Thunderkhunt dispenses of another with her war hammer, while Tiberius snipes one kobold with his crossbow and stabs another with his dagger of venom. Asuma tries to show off, attempting to flip over the unconscious body of Hector, but nearly falls as he gets entangled in Hector’s aromor. Embarrassed by his near fall, he rampages on a couple of nearly kobolds, as the rest of the party quickly kills the remaining kobolds.
  • Isaac and Asuma share some serious words, where Isaac tells Asuma that it’s too late to save the children of the village. Elsewhere, Thunderkhunt goes into a rage of celebration, and jumps on top of Eric and Tiberius for some mud wrestling. Tiberius manages to escape from her grasp, while Eric is helpless to get away from the barbarian. Thankfully for Eric, she soon let’s him go as the rage passes, and the seriousness of the events again wash over her. Isaac tells the party that they should try to find the children, saying that he was told by the rider that he had taken them to a well. He then walks toward the massive tree, seemingly getting smaller as he nears the base of the tree. He leans his staff against the tree as he climbs it, and Tiberius can hear that he begins to cry. It is revealed to the rest of the party that Murtagh is the son of King Greenleaf, and he says that he will help the party anyway he can. After some discussion, it is agreed that Erica, his sister, while still quite young, will take over command of Altand. Dilp goes to the tree to fetch the staff for her, but as he does so, feeling of discomfort thwart him, and Tiberius brings the staff to Erica.
  • The party contemplates attempting to find and rescue the children. They believe that they could have been taken to a cave that Sila had seen the wyrmspeaker in, which is located 6-8 hours Northwest of Altand.
RoT Session 6: The Battle of the Misty Forest, Pt.1
  • The green dragon swoops through the air, breathing a cone of poison down on the defenders of Altand below, completely dowsing Murtagh, the young fighter who was hiding in a treetop, and disintegrating a wall of the log house that the heroes were hiding in. As it swooped past, the dragon let out a horrible shriek, frightening many of the forest’s allies, before landing in a clearing in the east side of the village near the massive tree, revealing the green rider atop. The rider addresses the heroes: “I see you have decided to stay and fight. That’s good news – I was looking forward to destroying you. By the way, I hope you enjoyed the gift Severin and me left for you in Daggerford.” He then addresses the commoners, telling them to flee now or be killed. Just as he finishes uttering the threat, a bolt from Tiberius’ crossbow strikes him in the hand, taking him by surprise. As he curses out in pain, blood can be seen spurting out with each beat of his heart. Seeing this, and still being frightened by the screech of the dragon, a group of commoners attempt to quickly climb down from a tree to run, but in their haste, all fall to their deaths. Clairk frantically speaks some calming words to her neighbors Dilp, Sonja, and Sila, pacifying their fears. Meanwhile, a second group of commoners jump from a tree on top of an unsuspecting kobold, killing it. Unfortunately, the commoners disregarded the height from which they were jumping, and the fall killed them all as well. The dragon moves to the shallow pond, and yet somehow disappears under its surface. The Silversshining sisters each cast some buffs, and Thunderkhunt swings her warhammer at a guard drake that attempted to attack her, going into a barbarian rage, and Dilp casts Fire Shield on himself. Completely unexpectedly, Eric the Clerical Sorcerer flies in from the North atop the wyvern he tamed in the Cloud City, as the wyvern immediately swoops down and attacks and kills a kobold. Tiberius walks over to the shallow pond, and looks down into the water. As he sticks his head over, the dragon leaps out of the pond, biting and clawing at him, as the green wyrmspeaker shoots some sort of green energy, hitting with force damage as well as poisoning him. Tiberius manages to cast Faerie Fire on the rider, while Sila takes this opportunity to cast Silence on the wyrmspeaker and the dragon. Sonja and Asuma attack the rider, and Thunderkhunt rages against the guard drake. Hector also crossbows the rider, hitting for a critical hit, while Eric shoots off a battery of 5 Scorching Rays, hitting the rider with 4 of them, reducing the rider to a pile of ashes. As Eric says something to the dragon in draconic, Tiberius disengages from the dragon and dashes off. The dragon breathes out another cone of poison towards the heroes in the log house. Dilp nimbly jumps under a table, dodging the poison, while Clairk, Sonja, and the wyvern take some serious poison damage. The wyvern is killed by the blast of poison, causing Eric to fall prone onto the ground. The dragon attacks him with his claws and a tail swipe, which also hits Sonja as it crashes through the wall of the log house. The dragon then withdraws to the clearing, now covered by an army of kobolds. Asuma darts and kills a flying kobold, and some brave commoners attack the drake that has been fighting Thunderkhunt, who also swings out and connects twice with her warhammer. Quarian shoots the dragon with a fire bolt, and Hector shoots a crossbow bolt into the cloaca of the beast, clearly upsetting it. Dilp stabilizes the now unconscious Eric, as two commoners come to his aid (first falling from a tree, breaking their legs, and then crawling to him like the Revenant), pouring a red healing potion into his mouth, turning the Cleric a bright red. As Eric regains consciousness, he heals himself, Tiberius, Clairk, and the broken limbs of the commoners, as Hector again shoots a bolt off, this time hitting a kobold near Thunderkhunt. Clairk casts Aura of Vitality, while a group of commoners in the south stone a kobold to death. The dragon, now in the middle of the clearing, yells out to the “Agents of poison”, as five high-ranking cultists appear out of the forest, two attacking Hector and Quarion with green energy. Sonja casts Spike Growth in the region of the village north of the shallow pond, entrapping several kobolds in the process. The most militant group of commoners now attack a drake with their spears, killing it to the surprise of everyone. Meanwhile, Thunderkhunt the barbarian rages on another, hitting it twice with her warhammer for 30+ damage. Dilp attempts to snipe the dragon from long range with a fire bolt, but misses. Quarion turns around to the cultists who appeared behind him so suddenly, spreads his hands, and fire rains down upon the two cultists. Hector hits the scorched Dragon Fang with his warhammer, knocking the head of him clean off and into a neighboring cultist. Eric heals some more allies, and then blesses 5 members of the party. Asuma engages with a cultist and pierces him with his spear multiple times knocking him prone. Murtagh runs towards Asuma and chops away violently on the second Dragon Fang with his sword, scoring a critical hit with his sword, killing his target. Isaac the Warden conjures a water elemental.

And so went the first 24 seconds of the battle…

RoT Session 5: Countdown to a Showdown
  • The party, knowing now that their only recourse is to prepare themselves and the village of Altand for a violent confrontation with the green rider and his dragon, immediately get to work. They send a few of the men who bore witness to the end of Isaac’s interrogation out to gather the villagers. The heroes followed, helping to gather villagers around the ruins of the Unicorn statue, with the exception of Tiberius – Tiberius again tailed the warden as he quickly departed and headed for the opposite side of the village. Isaac eventually climbed up a massive tree -nearly 100 ft wide – and cautioned Tiberius not to follow, as only druids were allowed up, and that he needed to speak with the gods. Tiberius agreed not to follow him, but kept watch on him for quite some minutes until he was satisfied that Isaac wasn’t an immediate threat. In the meantime, the other adventurer’s are busy with preparing for their call to arms. Dilp doesn’t waste any time to use two Sending spells, one to contact Sister Garaele and the Harpers to warn of the impending battle with the green wyrmspeaker named Zerovane Stillsparrow, and to send any reinforcements possible, and a second message to King Greenleaf asking him to join the battle in Altand for the liberation of the Misty Forest. Asuma similarly contacts the Order. Clairk initiates a conversation with a young woman named Sila, warning her of danger. Sila presses Clairk for more information, and when she realizes that war is imminent, she walks across the room and tears up a floorboard, revealing her last arrow.
  • Tiberius, convinced that Isaac is no longer a threat, investigates a wooden shack surrounded by beautiful flowers next to the scorched, scarred earth destroyed by the wyrmspeaker. As he enters, he finds a sweaty, muscular woman training. He introduces himself (and the rest of the party), telling the woman, who calls herself Victanda, about the coming battle to rid the forest of the green rider. She says that she would love to fight alongside the party, but that she doesn’t have a weapon (she’d like a heavy one). Tiberius says he doesn’t have any such weapon, but that the party would provide her with a suitable weapon, and that she should attend the meeting being organized. She wants to spar a bit with him first – perhaps wrestle with him – but he says he doesn’t have time, and departs. As he examines a burnt mushroom field nearby, he is contacted by a spiritual being, which presents himself to him via hallucinations. The spirit takes the drow by the hand, and Tiberius tells him that the forest is in danger, however the spirit pulls away from him and vanishes.
  • Back at the statue of the unicorn, Clairk begins to address the villagers who have gathered. “Hello people, we need to prepare,” she begins. “The green wyrmspeaker is coming.” Some of the villagers seemed to know this day was coming, while others were convinced that the green rider had no intention to harm Altand. Clairk continues to tell the people that there will be a great battle in the coming days in Altand, and that the party could use all the help they can get. Seeing that numerous folk in the village were unable to fight (and a few too cowardly to do so), Dilp intervened and forced the villagers to decide then and there who was staying in the village, and who was fleeing. About half the village wanted to leave, and Dilp appointed a young chickenshit scholar to lead the injured and elderly to safety (it was agreed that they would immediately leave for Alcave). He then addresses the villagers in Elvish, to appeal to their pride and elvish principles. He tells them of the necessity of defeating the green rider, and quotes the Elvish prayer to Corellon Larethian to inspire them for the task at hand – “Thank you, Corellon, for Guidance this Night. May our Arrows Fly Swift, May our Blades Strike True, May our Spells Smite our Foes and Shield Us from Harm. As the Seldarine Will.” He then shows them the locket he found on the young elf in another destroyed village of the forest, and tells of her story and what the adventurers found there, and closes his speech with another familiar quote, this time an elvish lament – “We remember cities now in ruin and forests murdered, yet still we sing to the stars and hope for renewal.” Around this time, Victanda, Sila, Murtagh, and Quarion – the most battle-ready of the villagers – also join in the discussion, further inspiring the villagers.
    After the meeting, the party encourages everyone to go home and get a good nights sleep, and to meet them a sunrise to make preparations.
  • Tiberius persuades Quarion that it would be wise if they put their skills together and brew up a few potions to help them in their stride, as the others go for a long rest. Several hours later, DIlp awakes from his trance and goes to relieve Tiberius of his cooking duties for a few hours. Onhis way to Quarion’s hut, he sees a wolf, who seems to speak to him. After telling him of the party’s intentions, the wolf tells Dilp to have Sila meet her at the graveyard in the morning. He agrees, and goes on to find Tiberius.
  • The next morning, the party arms those most capable of using weapons, providing a warhammer for Victanda, a bow and some more arrows for Sila, as well as two shortswords for Murtagh, who insists his sister will not fight (although eventually she does get a bow and some arrows). Dilp and Clairk strategize further with some of the villagers, while Asuma and Hector begin to train others with their weaponry, while Tiberius is still slaving away behind the stove, cooking up some potions. Around noon, a booming voice announces that it is clear which side the village has chosen, and that they have 24 hours before they will have to pay for that choice. By that time, Sila has met the wolf woman, who actually is her druid sister Sonja, who has also agreed to fight. Sonja is very skilled in traps, and has nine traps built throughout the western quadrant of the village, where the most and largest structures are found. The rest of the villagers make spears and gather heavy rocks, tree stumps, and other items, which Dilp has them hoist into trees, to be dropped on the wyrmspeakers army as they pass underneath.
    As night falls, Tiberius and Quarion finally finishtheir marathon cook, and join the rest as they prepare for bed. Just before turning in, Asuma encounters a saber-toothed tiger at the pond, which turns out to be Isaac. Isaac, in a surprisingly stutter-free voice, says that his gods have reinstated him as a druid, and that he will be fighting alongside the heroes, although the forest does not believe that the battle will turn out well.
  • The next day, the final preparations are made, and everyone takes their positions. Noon passes, yet nothing happens. perhaps an hour later, however, a terrific crash is heard, and Tiberius, Clairk , and Hector (who is waiting outside the loghouse where the rest of the party is waiting to ambush the rider) immediately guzzle down their potions. 5, 10, and perhaps 15-20 minutes go by without another sound, as the village tensely awaits the battle to begin. Then they hear the unmistakable sound of giant wings flapping, as the green dragon swoops overhead spewing a cone of acid. Dilp drinks his potions down as well. As the tension rises another draconic figure speeds towards the village, skimming over the treetops at high speed.
    The battle for the Misty Forest has begun…

Introducing the NPCs of the Misty Forest
– Murtagh, the fighter
– Quarian, the sorceror
– Sila, the ranger
– Sonja, the druid
– Victanda, the barbarian

RoT Session 4: Misty Forest Hop
Why don't you take a good look at yourself and describe what you see, And Baby, Baby, Baby, do you like it?
  • The party gathers their belongs and horses after their skirmish with the cultists, and decides to head towards the Misty Forest before nightfall. The party finds a clearing they find suitable for a long rest, with a few large boulders offering them some degree of protection. Clairk casts his Tiny Hut spell, and the party rests, with Tiberius taking first watch. Before turning in, Dilp uses a Sending spell to contact Sister Garaele to inform her of what has happened in Daggerford, and he is told to hurry to Altand as quickly as possible. During his watch, Tiberius has the feeling that he sees movement, and is pretty creeped out by the eerie forest. After some hours, Dumbledilp comes out of his trance and relieves Tiberius. He also feels like he sees some movement, but is overwhelmed by the magical vibes coming from the forest, which fills him with cheer and tranquility. As the heroes awake the next morning, they gather their supplies and trek off into the forest. As they enter, Asuma finds a small trail with some humanoid footsteps, while Tiberius climbs up a tree, careful not to hurt it, to see if he can see anything to guide the party. Tiberius sees several towers of smoke rising up from several regions of the forest. The party decides to follow the trail towards the nearest smoke plume. As the party crosses the first stream, they are overwhelmed with a sense of caution, as chills run down their backs, seemingly warning them to respect and care for the forest and all the life it contains. As the party continues, they watch as the mist somehow seems to always stay just in front of them. As they pause for a drink of water, Tiberius scampers up another tree to check on the party’s progression. Dilp thinks he sees some animals – perhaps deer? – walking in the distance. Hector however, thinks he sees something more sentient watching over the party, although no one else seems to see anything. The party continues… After several more hours of hiking, the party begins to hear the rustling of leaves, as if a storm was blowing in. After another hour, they finally arrive at the source of the smoke, finding a small settlement smoking, with a few wooden edifices that seem almost melted with decay. In the settlement, they see two dead elvish bodies. Tiberius and Dilp explore the buildings, with Dilp finding a few books and notes (which describe sightings of dragons three days ago), and Tiberius finding two skillfully made bows. As they leave the settlement, they remove the dead and bring them inside, placing them each on one of the beds, as Dilp finds a locket around the neck of the dead female elf, who has had a finger cut off with a sharp object.
  • The adventurers leave the settlement, going back to the trail and following it deeper into the Misty Forest. After several more hours of walking, the party hears voices in the distance. As they approach closer, hearing that the voices are elvish, the party announces themselves to avoid startling the elves. A seemingly nervous, quite filthy elf approaches, introducing himself with a stutter as Warden Isaac, and welcomed the party to Altand. After briefly exchanging stories, Isaac insists he take the party to his chambers, where they can spend the night in peace and safety. As they walk through the village, the party notices that several disgruntled villagers are giving Isaac quite spiteful looks, as an old woman walks up to the Warden and gets in his face, calling him a coward. As they continue, Isaac brings the party to a loghouse, where many are sitting at a long table, dining on what little food is available and discussing events. As the party enters, the diners cheer the heroes, inspiring Hector to proudly beat on his chest and Asuma to do a flip. Isaac directs the party to his chambers in the back of the loghouse, and suggests that they get to sleep, and that they don’t wander off, as the cultists might get them if they do. He tells them that he must go gather food, and as some members of the party volunteer to help him, he quickly says no, that it was better if he goes alone. Before he goes, with the party already quite suspicious of his behavior, Hector attempts to cast Zone of Truth on him, as he and Asuma tell him the spell will protect him. The spell fails, however, and he walks off. Tiberius waits several seconds, and decides that he will follow him under the guise that he really needs to find a place to urinate. As he leaves the chamber, the diners cheer him again, causing Isaac to turn around and see Tiberius, asking him if he forgot something. Tiberius replied “no, no, I just need some fresh air”.
  • As Isaac walked on, Tiberius stealthily followed him through the village. Just as Isaac was leaving to move into the forest, the old lady from before speaks to Tiberius, telling him that the green dragon rider had kidnapped her granddaughter. Tiberius listens to the lady, but moves on as quickly as possible, almost losing the trail of Isaac, as he luckily found a fresh footprint. He follows the tracks a ways, hearing a faint sound in the distance – Is that the sound of wings flapping? – as all-of-a-sudden, the ground shakes hard, causing Tiberius to nearly fall over. Tiberius hears voices talking – one of them almost hissing, as he hears a sound resembling a faint grunting or snorting. He super-stealthily shimmies up a tree to get a view of the conversation. He sees the arm of one, clad in purple robes, as he says “You’ve nearly served my purposes. Why should I keep you?”. A trembling voice answers back “N-N-No, please… You’ve taken so much.”. The first voice commands, “Get these dirty creatures away and out of the forest”, a remark which leads Tiberius to intuitively know that this conversation is about them. After a brief moment, a large green adult dragon can be seen through the leaves, as the voice hisses “Do you smell elf??? Then go get it!”, as the dragon leaps in the direction of the drow. Tiberius immediately casts darkness from the branches, and jumps out of the tree, sprinting back towards the village. The dragon gives chase, breathing out a cone of green poison, hitting Tiberius in the back, as he manages to somewhat dodge the attack. Tiberius quickly veers to the left, as the dragon runs past him, stopping, muttering something in draconic. Tiberius dashes again, hearing the dragon in pursuit. This time he makes a quick turn to the right, as the dragon runs past him again, becoming frustrated by the chase. Eventually, the dragon gives up the chase, breathing another cone of poison into the forest before flying off. Feeling that it’s safe, Tiberius hurriedly tries to find his way back to Altand, seeing an owlbear just outside the perimeter of the village, which luckily fails to notice the black elf. Tiberius sticks his hand down his pants and rubs his penis, but nothing happens…
  • Meanwhile, while Tiberius was stalking the Warden, the rest of the party decided to go out and talk to some of the folk dining in the loghouse. Dumbledilp sits between an attractive red-head and an old man, greeting both. The old man tells Dilp that he is from a small village named Antoon that had been attacked by the green rider. Most of the village was slaughtered, with only a few escaping. He lists numerous villages in the forest that have suffered the same fate as Antoon. The red-headed young lady, first flirtatious, becomes serious as she tells of how her brother was taken by the green rider and some kobolds, begging Dilp to bring her brother back. Hector decided to chat up the oldest man in the room, asking him if he needed any help. The old man replied that the world needed help, and that Isaac hadn’t been leading for that long. The man told Hector, who had asked to be told a ghost story, about the Banshee lost in the forest while looking for her love (who of course had been killed by the trees for hunting). Apparently, she can be heard screeching in the night. Asuma sits next to a tough-looking, confident young man. Asuma asks, “you OK?”, to which Mr. Tough responded, “if you consider getting attacked by a dragon OK, then yes.” He tells Asuma that he will protect his family no matter what, such as his red-headed sister talking to Dilp, and that he’s managed so far to do a good job taking care of them. He tells Asuma that Isaac is a druid who has been Warden for about 6 years, and that he suspects that Isaac has made a deal with the cult.
  • As a ragged Tiberius enters the room, the party immediately realizes that something happened, and excuse themselves, returning to Isaac’s quarters. Tiberius tells the party what has occurred, and that he suspects the dragon rider is training the kidnapped children as acolytes for the cult, while revealing his burnt back for the party to see. Dilp sends another message to Garaele, briefly telling her of the village, Tiberius, the dragon rider, and Isaac. She and Raven Stillsparrow respond that they should interrogate the warden and find the wyrmspeaker, but to flee if they can’t win the battle. Asuma sends a similar report to the Order of the Gauntlet with his pendant, to which he receives a message from Frederick, telling him to go kick some dragon ass.
  • The party decides to go try to find Isaac immediately to confront and interrogate him, and decide to go to the other room he said he’d be sleeping in. The party sets up Leomund’s Tiny Hut to hide inside his room, with the plan to rush out and block him from running away once he’s inside. After an hour or so, Isaac sticks his head in the room, has a look around, and walks back out. The party chases after him, and Dilp yells out loudly, purposely waking some of the villagers, “Hey Isaac, may we have a word with you?” Isaac stutters something barely intelligible, and walks toward the party. They escort him into the room, and close the door. Asuma begins to interrogate him regarding his dealings with the green dragon rider, as Hector again tries to cast Zone of Truth on the warden, again failing. He first denies any wrongdoing, then telling the party that his daughter had been kidnapped by the rider. After the interrogations seemed to stall, Dilp went out of the room to wake a few of the bigger, tougher-looking guys sleeping outside, and brought them inside to bear witness to the events. The party presented its evidence, which included the acid-burned back of Tiberius, and eventually Isaac folded and admitted to making a deal with the dragon rider, as to resist him was essentially suicide. After some moments of Isaac dwelling in the helplessness of the situation, the party, villagers, and Isaac all agreed that fighting the rider was the only way. Isaac told the party that the dragon rider had sent him to kill the party, and he’d be coming in the next day or two to kill the party and the villagers if Isaac failed to deliver proof of the party’s death to him. The only problem, nobody in the village has any weapons, and there are only five druids and a few rangers in the village. The rest are commoners… And the villagers have already said that they don’t consider running an option.
  • Also, Asuma and Tiberius are considering relocating their Rings of Sending from their penises to their ears.

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