A Band of Brothers from Other Mothers

RoT Session 11: On The Road Again (to the Serpent Hills)

* The heroes, discuss a few random points of interest with Sister Garaele, before matters turned more serious, as she called in Frederick to talk to the group. Frederick bursts through the door, his face red with anger, shouting "What were you thinking?! You are a disgrace!", as he throws a small hammer against the wall and spits at the feet of Eric and Asuma. Eric begins to tell him that the Thieve's Guild could be an ally, which only pissed Frederick off more. He goes on to tell Eric how he couldn't understand how he could be so foolish, and that he was doing just fine with one arm – he was a cleric, after all. As tempers further flared, Garaele discretely cast a Calm Emotions spell. This tempered the screaming, but not Frederick'd disgust. He kicked Eric out of the Order of the Gauntlet, and demoted Asuma to a Foot Soldier. Hector tried to intervene on Eric and Asuma's behalf, to no avail, as Tiberius, clearly enjoying watching Eric and Asuma getting new a**holes ripped, laughs out loud. Asuma then essentially tells Frederick that the heroes are too important to be bound by such restricting rules, and that they don't deserve to be bitched at in this manner, as Frederick says that the rules are there for a reason: 1.) Discipline, and 2.) to protect the fragile alliance between the factions.

* After the reaming out, Frederick stomps off, and Sister Garaele gives the group a pep-talk, as some in the party wondered out loud if the party could go back to the Serpent Hills, given they lost some weapons in the last weeks. She tells them that they are still quite well equipped, and more than capable to deal with the cultists. Throughout her talk Tiberius mocks her, and she responds by placing him under the command of a Hold Person spell. She then brings up the council, telling the group that Dumbledilp had suspicions that there was a rat in the council who warned the cultists when and where the heroes were headed. She asked the other heroes' opinions as well, and Hector was quite convinced that the party had been set-up somehow, while the others weren't so sure. She agrees that it is best for the moment if they avoid the council, and only discuss matters with her and Frederick for the time being. By the time the party returns from the Serpent Hills,the council will have been thoroughly investigated and purged of any rats. Finally, she discusses with Hector about his talk with Reign. Hector told her that the 'dark woman' couldn't be trusted – she was a Zhentarum! – and that he did tell Sir Ivan about her. Garaele was clearly distressed by this revelation, as she feared that this could destoy the council, which was necessary to defeat the cultists. She was not at all sure if Reign could be trusted or what her purpose was within the party, but she seemed convinced that Lord Neverember must have appointed her for a reason. Just then, there was a knock on the door, as the voice on the other side asked her and the heroes to come immediately to an emergency council meeting. Not wanting to jepardize the party any further, she, Dilp, and Claire arrange some Dimension Doors to transport the party outside the wall, where they find a mustached man named Mustafa, who was messaged by Garaele to give them some horses immediately.

* The party rode off south again, reaching Daggerford after several days. During their travels, Eric tries in vain to craft a new holy symbol, and Tiberius gets acquainted with his Oathbow. He realizes that there is a sort of combination lock on it, and figures out how to open it. Inside he finds a fine, delicate parchment, which he carefully unrolled, revealing a picture of a very attractive red-headed girl, along with a dwarvish poem, which spoke of the history of the bow. The bow, named Taw’Marrill, was created by a Dwarf 1800 years ago. He created it in memory of his daughter, the beautiful redhead girl in the photo. In the poem, he spoke of adopting her, raising her as a dwarvish child of his own and teaching her to fight, craft and know stone. She had apparently become a legend of the region, but fell in love with a Knighted Prince and gave up adventuring. He eventually betrayed her, and she was killed in an uprising in his kingdom because of his wagering her life on a debt.

* In Daggerford, Claire tells Wes and his colleagues about everything that had happened to the party with the dragons, but her story was so embellished and filled with fantastical nonsense that everyone knew that she was completely full of shit. Wes was a bit upset by Claire's stunt, as he and the others left the party to go to bed. The party then continued further, soon enough reaching the location of their run-in with the five dragons. As they dismounted, Eric grabbed a stick off the ground, and started waving it around, like a dowser looking for water. Asuma investigated the charred remains of Janet, and asks Hector if he may have his potion of growth. Hector, being the good man that he is, of course agrees, and Asuma poured the potion into a little pocket he had carved out in Janet's singed trunk. Almost immediately, a little seedling popped up, and Asuma removes it and puts it in a waterskin. Tiberius, using his newly gained skill of talking to plants, tried to talk to the seedling, but it only spoke baby Treant. He did realize that it wanted water, so Dilp melted some snow with a Fire Bolt for the treeling. While this is going on, Eric drops his stick, and wanders off into the scorched, snow-covered forest in search of some fireflies. Asuma then asked Hector to lay his holy paladin hands on the seedling, which he does, clearly energizing the plant. After about an hour however, the treeling reduces dramatically in size. Asuma packs it up to take along, as Eric rejoins the rest of the party. Later that day, Eric and Dilp notice a large dragon's corpse several miles away in the High Moor, jabbed by numerous spears and surrounded by numerous dead frog-like creatures. Some in the party were intrigued enough to want to investigate further, but after some discussion the party decided that unwise and carried on.

* As they continue (two days out of Dragonspear), Dilp using Sending to communicate with Garaele, telling her where the party is and if Dragonspear is a safe city. She does not respond… Days later, the party reaches Dragonspear, and they are received as heroes. Asuma playfully chases some kids around, and Hector gives 100s of copper coins away to children. A bard sings for them, and Claire, his idol, compliments him, which was possibly the happiest moment of the guy's life. A restaurateur approaches, asking for help (naming his restaurant). After many interesting suggestions, they settled on the name 'Blagothkis' Brasserie'. The party decides to dine there, and Asuma speed-paints a  surprisingly good mural of the party on the wall, and several members of the party invest gold in his restaurant. As the party is spending the night in the town, Dilp, worried about Garaele, goes back to the inn early and tries again to message her. Again, he gets no response. The next morning, the party leaves Dragonspear and continues on their journey.

* After several more days on the road, the party finally approached the southern edge of the Serpent Hills. There, in the middle of nowhere, they found a tent city surrounding a central tower, which had a sign reading 'Bolow's Tent Side Inn'. They see many tents in this settlement, and that it is inhabited by many different races. It strikes the party that everyone here appears injured in some way. A man with an eye patch, a thick beard, and his hair pulled back into a greasy ponytail walked up to the party, saying "I think I recognize you from somewhere. Can I help you?" After Hector tells him that the party is just out hiking, and some clumsy small talk (what is everyone doing here?, how much lizard-people suck, etc.), the man suggests that the party go to the inn. Hector and Claire enter the inn first, while Asuma follows directly behind, jabbing a stick between Hector's legs. The other party members follow as well. Hector is immediately greeted loudly by a man at a table that recognizes the bit of Hector's Cormyr symbol that is visible. He insists Hector come have a drink with him, and he and Claire join the man, as he asks the bartender for the most expensive bottle he has. Meanwhile, Asuma goes directly to the bar and orders 3 Gulden Draak beers, as the others sit. Hector's new friend introduces himself as Yyn, and says he is also from Cormyr. As the bartender arrives with the bottle, Yyn introduces him as Bolow. Then Yyn and Hector talk lovingly about Cormyr for some time, as Claire gets bored with being ignored. As Asuma's drinks arrive (which apparently were all for himself), he and Bolow start talking. He talked about how much he hates lizard people and yuan-ti, and how they should be eradicated. He then mentioned a dwarf in a purple robe that stabbed a couple of yuan-ti in the face, and how badass that was. Thought his name was Va- something. Dilp asked if it was Varck, recognizing the name of the white wyrmspeaker. When he confirmed this, Dilp said that they were actually friends of Varck, and that they were hoping to find him. The man said that that he thought he was on his way to the Temple of the Lizard, also known as the Tomb of D-something – he couldn't remember. Eric touched Bolow on the shoulder, and magically he remembered- Tomb of Dedarius. One day north of this tent camp. Dilp then messaged Hector, and told him to ask Yyn about the tomb. Yyn tells Hector all about it, even giving him a map, and asks Hector if he will be going to the Temple of Truth. Hector says of course he is. Asuma then decides it's time for a drinking contest, and asks if anyone is interested. The drunken Yyn agrees, and passes out already after the 2nd round of beers. Hector, paladin of Cormyr, carries Yyn to his room upstairs.

  • As Hector disappears up the stairs, Eric thought he saw a guy with a blue tail walk out of the inn. As he moves to follow, he motions to Tiberius to come as well. Tiberius stealthily follows, with Eric a bit further back, as the figure walks to ward the mountain. Eric tries to cast a Command spell on the creature, but fails. The creature turns and hisses at the cleric, his serpent’s head and tongue clearly visible, as he draw’s his bow and shoots an arrow at Eric. Eric sees this, and is able to cause the serpent to miss with a well-timed Warding Flare. Tiberius shoots the creature back with his Oathbow, hitting the snake-man hard, as Tiberius trips and falls on a tent. The voice of a child is heard in the camp: “Help me, a tiefling and a dragon elf are trying to kill me.” Eric approaches the area where the serpent was last seen, but sees nothing in the darkness. This doesn’t stop him, however, from shooting off some Scorching Rays into the darkness anyway. He then cast Shield of Faith on Tiberius. At this point, about a dozen men approach the pursuing duo. In the inn, someone burst in announcing that a tiefling and a dragon-elf were attacking a little girl. People freak out and go outside to see what’s happening. Asuma, Dilp, and Claire also run outside to look for Eric and Tiberius. As the mob approached, Eric cast Disguise Self, making him look like a one-armed chubby girl. The group approached, and asked ‘her’ if she was OK. She says she was fine,and as the other party members approached, the girl says she was attacked by a halfling. Many run off in the direction that the girl pointed, although several men turn their attention now to Asuma, who all-of-a-sudden looks a bit nervous as they approach him. One guy stays to assist the girl, reaching out to her stubby arm. As he did so, his hand bumped against Eric’s middle, although it was invisible. This freaks the guy out terribly, and he yell’s that Eric is a lizard, and attempts to stab him. Eric does another Warding Flare causing him to miss, as Asuma yells that he is a hero of Waterdeep, and that Eric belongs to the group. As she nears, Claire casts Calm Emotions, temporarily keeping people from ripping off Eric’s remaining arm. Dilp and Bolow also join. Tiberius walks further to a tree hit by Eric’s Scorching Ray, and sees blood and a dropped longbow. He sees some tracks,and follows them to a crack, which he realizes only a snake could have passed through. After about a minute goes by, angry guys gather around Eric and Asuma. At this point, Eric ends the Disguise Self spell, and looks like his scaly sun elf-self again. This (either the show of magic or the serpent-esque qualities of the cleric) triggers the party to draw their weapons once more. Eric asks Bolo to tell the mob that they’re not criminals. Bolow confirms that they were in the inn earlier, but that he saw two of them leave the inn just before the screaming occurred. This pushes the mob over the top, and the party is forced to immediately leave the tent-city, lucky to get out without a bloody confrontation as Eric, Asuma, and Tiberius all threatened members of the mob as the party was removed.


Haha “Eric drops his stick and goes looking for fireflies”

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