A Band of Brothers from Other Mothers

RoT Session 13: The Temple of Doom

(Adventurer’s, check your mail for audio update – what follow’s is a summary of our session made with the use of dictation software…)

- Clear text buffet from using her clairvoyants while Gumbel to open Eric protect strong divination magic thinner acids clear about the magic that she’s using or produce looks did a crack in another room he sees the acquitted of and stepped inside and nothing happens clear-cut the recent deal look in another door with a seed dark tunnel going down to our room five years goes down the tunnel and title with rope slipped from some malls and activate something till sees the funds symbol switch to something else as a giant boulder rolls up from the safer and towards the party assume attacks the boulder turning some of it to dust bid to open finder and Tiberius Dick Cottam some holes of its Hector and the others pull on the rope while Iraq and clear check up the ball or Hector can whole ball group of all by himself and the ball rolls into the room and dope thinner and have used the sarcophagus is ruled in close on the wall as well as a small hoops assume a corrects the ball into pieces and freeze the three captain ball Eric slides down the rope and provided by summa followed by clear and an actor who tumbles down and assume of the gingerly walked down with these Eric says there’s something weird with the stark offered I am not the mess of them picked as there’s no he detects six demons that team ended and one fiend a whispering voice enters the heads of everyone but Hector Eric it’s an idea and clear massages his shoulders Hector get some comfortable room and feels some people thinner and assume it take to pose proposed by Erik and clear prevents them are from doing something a little bit too rash go. The message and going he came in as e-mail from down Tiberius here’s a female voice Tiberius there was a card from his deck of a nuisance down the chute nothing happens then either as a second car down its own bread tag and something streaks as a ghost applies to the room do the walled party decides to move on Tiberius uses sleight of hand to open the door he sees other own grew up on a platform with a statue of a large man on the phone Tiberius thinks it’s alive he strikes to pose suggested by Eric and goes through the door to door snapshots and the statue man looks at him Tiberius sees lots of treasure at the statue speeds assume a opens the door with ease and follows as the door also slammed shut behind and Hector enters the door slams all of a sudden eight mummies from the sarcophagi, alts where delp clear finder and Eric all our missed a gym and smiles and asked for tributes mom is a scary mummies surprise attack the party until Eric consider altering damage Eric uses awarding clear to protect bill that and clear uses party consideration on Eric clear casts compulsion on the mummies and finder hits to mom is for critical hits using his upper Trinity attacks dope it’s another woods is green flame bleed Eric its own with the spiders that and thinner attacks the money next to clear hitting its double dope tests while the force and blocks in form a means Eric cast stun ended affecting two of the mummies Tiberius shoots a mummy with his bold and assume and uses flurry of blows on another money and Hector uses device might call on the money running away on smashing it did a clear desert resorts or the money and commands the money to run rule thinner hits with an opportunity attack and bill burns clears money did with the fireball Eric it’s the last free money with a sacred flame bolt and Tiberius cases it’s almost killing it with his bowl and assume us beers mummies as an actor should sit with a crossbow 10 minutes with his second hits tumbled opens the wall and he and Eric book you prepared fireballs on the form on these killing them all the instantly Eric explores the smelly sarcophagi and as the others into the stature room and the statute demands to date on them as well as summa has to tell thinner that his father was put into the bag of devouring finder gets upset punches the wall and has a tantrum even starts crying and as I start to go clear uses, motions on him and Eric perceives the statue was a golem and tells this to the rest of the party Tiberius tries to comfort thinner and thinner says he appreciates it showing is pointed teeth Tiberius opens a new door checks for traps as the stairs lead up to a second killer Tiberius opens the door and see six doubles playing cards around the table Tiberius tells the party what he saw and decides to open another door instead he sees a room similar to the sarcophagus room while investigating clear bumps into something and it goes to the young girl comes out till talks to the ghost girl about missing books Tiberius and clear walk into the double room one of the devils demand that they join the card game finder is impatient and doesn’t want to wait around the devil asks if she’s a colt as an she says no just a traveler one asks that beers about the Rio clear offers some sapphires for some information and rite of passage the devils mention the dwarf and asked to bring him back the party is allowed to pass through the door to see a gallery with a pool of water a dead body and purple robes blood and arrows stone car Barros can be seen and Eric sees the body was killed by dragging two inscribed in the door is a message that says inside line is that various Tiberius opens the door and sees the two with four bride burning earns in the corners as Tiberius enters the door slams shut and a voice says I know what to seek one T mark Tiberius and Eric C5D1 T and Finley runs in


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