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Brothers in Arms

As the Cult of the Dragon work to raise mighty Tiamat, God of Dragons, little do they know that somewhere along the Sword Coast, a band of adventurers is onto them… With each Burger Wednesday, each empty bottle of Duvel, and each poorly prepared strategy gone awry, they get closer every day to stopping the Cult and their nefarious plans! That is, so long as there’s no TPK

The Players

Dumbledilp V – Level 10 High-Elf Wizard
Tiberius – Level 10 ex-Drow Tiefling Rogue
Eric – ex-Half-Elf ex-halfling sun elf Level 6 Cleric / 4 Sorcerer
Claire – Level 9 Human Bard
Hector – Level 9 Human Paladin
Asuma – Level 9 ex-Human Stout halfling Monk
Mario – RIP

Home Page

A Band of Brothers from Other Mothers kurtbuhler jasorclements